Limerick Bouvier des Flandres


Penelope Ogden

Penelope Ogden

During the summer of 1990, our security alarm went off for the third time in the middle of the night. The police suggested we get a gun or a dog because it was clear that someone wanted to get in. I began researching breeds and made a short list. A colleague of mine offered to introduce me to her dog, a Bouvier. The rest is history.

Since 1990, I have never been without a Bouvier, or 2 or more. I spent the next ten years studying the breed by going to dog shows, reading any and everything I could find, training in obedience, rally and therapy work and talking to a multitude of fanciers. Under the tutelage of patient and knowledgeable mentors, I began breeding in 2000. I have never looked back. Each and every litter teaches me something. To date, I have bred dozens of litter under the Limerick kennel prefix and been blessed with many multiple award winning Bouviers. As no perfect dog exists, my quest to breed a better Bouvier remains my dedication and passion.

It is an honor and a thrill to have been invited to participate in this year’s prestigious Top 20 event. I thank the committee for the opportunity.

Dorothy O'Neil

Limerick Kennel is named in memory of Penelope’s grandmother Dorothy O’Neil who always carried a treat or two in her pocket.